If you are thinking about Walk & Talk Coaching -JUST DO IT. 
Sophie's unique combination of global  business experience melded with her mindfulness training and life coaching  created aha moments that transformed my start up business and life. It didn't hurt that I also got my daily steps in as well!

E.J. Boyce| Founder| Genhappy

If you are looking for coaching that gets results, talk to Sophie. With thoughtful questions, Sophie gently challenges the assumptions, beliefs and fears that hold us back. And she supports and encourages her clients to make commitments to take action. After working with Sophie I became much better at spending my time the way I want to spend it.

Rachel Rodgers | SVP North America IPSOS

Sophie was an inspiration, guide and cheerleader in helping me launch my return to full-time work. She is not only a skilled career coach, but she also added value and perspective to my whole life view. She provided exercises and tools that helped me to focus, find answers and achieve goals; and she offered intelligent, thoughtful and candid advice to support my journey. I highly recommend Sophie as a career and life coach

Kerry Barlas| Client Partner Facebook

 "Loved it. it's so good for the heart and mind. To get the body moving, the breath happening and the eyes looking at something other than a screen? So good." Sophie helped me get clarity on points I've been thinking about a lot lately but hadn't acted on one!"

Jennifer Owens| Founder| Jennwork

Sophie brings a wealth of experience from the corporate environment that helps executives like myself challenge our way of thinking, acting and most importantly leading. She understands the demands of the day to day job and creates a safe environment to explore our "superpower" and our blind spots so we can be better leaders. She effortlessly combines her coaching techniques, business acumen and most importantly, her mindfulness teachings which make for thoughtful dialogue. It's rare to find someone as astute in coaching while also throwing away the traditional goal-setting mandate for a more modern approach to exploring topics in-depth until you can achieve clarity. Her sessions feel more like sparring with a creative partner than a coach. I always look forward to my time with Sophie as it's an opportunity to invest in myself, my company and my team all in one. See less

Kimberly Konstant | VP President of Marketing

Sophie excels at active listening and asking insightful questions. She keys in not only on the words the client is sharing, but the way the information is shared. This allows her to uncover underlying motivations and desires, helping clients gain new clarity in their goals and make more meaningful decisions. The Walk and Talk format is conducive to deeper thinking and creative conversation, and opened up new ways to think about my options around several strategic decisions. I highly recommend Sophie for coaching.

Laura Rowley| Award Winning Storyteller