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The Path to Love

Yesterday, in a Mindfulness workshop, I chatted with a man who told me about his work. As he spoke in detail about his career path, his eyes sparkled, a peaceful yet energized smile spread across his face. At the end of our talk, he genuinely said, "I love my job, I love everything about it, I have loved it for over 20 years and I feel so lucky." My spontaneous and natural response was "That's what I do for a living as a coach! I help people find a path to this feeling of genuinely loving the life and career they have." I want everyone to experience that feeling! My path to a career that I love was not linear and included over a decade in global advertising. I know the work it takes and the value of the result. We have one life, we should wake up on most days and say "I love my life, I feel so lucky."

The very first step to a creating a path to a life and career that you love is to take a snapshot of your life as it is today. Here is a simple and powerful starting point.

Set aside 20 minutes where you can find peace and quiet. For each of the following areas of life, evaluate on a scale of 1-10 how satisfied you are (1- not satisfied at all, 10- completely satisfied).

  1. Family & Friends

  2. Career

  3. Physical Environment

  4. Money

  5. Health

  6. Fun & Recreation

  7. Significant Other

  8. Personal Growth & Development

Sit with the scores. What area scored the least? How motivated are you to truly make a change in that area? How committed are you to taking the steps to raise that score?

This is the starting point of the path, to a life you love.

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