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The entire house is organized now what?

A lot of us spent our first couple of weeks of social isolation, organizing our home, or at least we had the intention to! With unlimited, amorphous afternoons cleaning out our closets made a lot of us feel productive and gave us a sense of control in a time of flux and constant uncertainty.

Six weeks in, we're all done with the physical tidying up. What now? How about tidying up our internal selves. When was the last time, you had the time, the luxury to take stock of your life and career? We've all been forced off the mindless treadmill of the daily grind. This is the perfect time to mindfully reflect on what is working, what needs our attention and what is no longer working for us and needs to change. One my favorite tools to get an honest snapshot of your life is the Wheel of Life exercise.

Draw circle, divided it into a pie with eight sections: Career, Health, Partner, Personal Growth, Fun, Physical Environment, Family and Friends. Score each section between 1-10.

1 means not satisfied and 10 means very satisfied.

Once you completed the exercise, see what section of your life needs your attention, what section has the lowest score, what are you the most motivated to work on? Choose one small action you can do today to improve your score.

If you have any questions or observations about your Wheel of Life, don't hesitate to reach out. I've set aside complimentary 30 minutes session to offer support to anyone who needs it during this unsettled time. (

We only have one life, let's design the best one!

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