• Sophie Blondeau

Is Covid-19 Stress Affecting Your Productivity?

Do you feel like your productivity is taking a hit? You're not alone.

It's a well known fact that stress has a big impact on the workforce and productivity levels. With recent levels of stress skyrocketing, productivity is taking a hit. A Korn Ferry study indicated "that overall employee stress levels have risen nearly 20% in three decades." Moreover, according to Ginger "62% of workers report losing at least one hour a day in productivity due to Covid-19 related stress, with 32% losing more than two hours a day.

I've designed a new online coaching series to combat Covid-19 stress and boost your momentum and productivity. Check out Activate + Achieve, a unique combination of body weight workout, mindfulness meditation & life coaching. Four, fun sessions to get you moving, motivated and closer to achieving your goals.

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