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Sophie blondeau

Here's what I believe: You only get one life and you should make it the best possible life. It's fun and fulfilling to learn new ways to optimize our whole life: personal and professional. I work with clients who are going thru life transitions and who want to design the best possible outcomes.  When mindsets are unlocked, human potential is unlimited.I firmly trusts that our power is how we choose to show up to life’s opportunities and challenges. My belief is that life will always throw curve balls in our direction but we’re 100% responsible for how we respond and self discovery is key.

My Journey: After 10+ years as a global advertising executive working with Fortune 500 clients such as Gillette, Nestle and Unilever, in London and New York, I pivoted towards my passion: understanding human behavior and optimizing actions to achieve goals and dreams.  Since 2009, I have worked with individuals ranging from executives from leading companies including:  IPSOS, ESPN, Lifetime and Biesdorf. As an executive coach, I am catalyst for self-discovery and resilience building. I challenges clients to identify and move beyond their limiting beliefs, 

to create momentum towards a life you love. 

My Approach: A  mixture of insight, integrity and intuition to foster sustainable transformation for the long term. I ignite learning grounded in Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Buddhism, Mindfulness and Philosophy. 

My Certifications:

Sophie’s portfolio of certifications embolden her practical expertise to activate, challenge, and champion the whole person. She earned a Master’s in Public Communications from S.I. Newhouse at Syracuse University. She holds a certification in Executive Coaching from New York University. The Tibet House recently awarded her a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certificate. 

My Passions:

Women’s equality and advancement. Learning and exploring


Nurturing my ties to family and friends

Physical exertion of any kind!

My history:A French-American who grew up as an expat kid, in France, US and Australia, Sophie is multi-lingual and a true citizen of the world. She’s lived and worked in, Paris, Sydney, London, and New York, 

SOPHIE BLONDEAU  •  203.682.5262

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